What Lawmakers Need to do With The Welfare Systems

Illegal immigrant and welfare

The welfare system is killing the rest of hard working Americans. We work hard but have to pay about 30% of our paycheck to people who feel like working is not the thing to do. They’re competent and they can work but choose to go on welfare and live off of us. I feel like the law makers should fix the welfare system a little bit so that people don’t feel like they can always live off of welfare and don’t have to hustle like the rest of us. The rest of us hustle between three jobs and some of the jobs are just barely minimum wage. Some of us take the bus to work and we have to make about $5 an hour, after tax, to pay for these people that are on welfare.

There are way too many people that rely on welfare, which is wrong. It’s the wrong way to train people. You are telling teenagers to have kids and go ahead and just get on welfare until their kids turn 18 and then have another one and go on welfare for another 18 years. It’s just not fair to the rest of the people. If you make welfare harder to qualify, people would not think about having children at a young age, before they finish high school and they would be working instead of going on Welfare. Have you ever walk to the welfare office at your local city? There are hundreds of people crowding the room from 8am to 5pm.

 Every single day it’s like this, so about 30% of the population is going on welfare and they’re not trying hard to make ends meet. I think disabled people and the elderly deserves welfare because they can’t do much but people who can work should work and there is no reason for them to get on welfare. They should work hard for their money. I think that they should make welfare stricter so that the people can get it for a limited time only and they’re forced to find work. They will also have to limit the amount they give out so it seems less lucrative for people to go on it. They just need to fix the welfare system around a little bit so that the rest of us don’t have to break our back for those that don’t work as hard as us or make reckless decisions to have ten kids when they’re only 18 years old with no high school diploma.

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