Monday, December 18

Review of Unlv

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UNLV is a great university that is well known for many academic programs. They’re just about five minutes away from the strip, which is why they’re great. It’s convenient for students to work, hang out, and live. You can find work easily here if you’re from out of state or just to find affordable housing around the University. If you have any question, you will find it on their home page. The University is great for its easy entrance. It’s not like other Universities where you have to have 4.0 GPA and have all sorts of experiences or involvement, due to the fact that they just don’t have enough students who want to be in college because of the casino work availability here.

Another great thing about UNLV is that you can apply one semester prior to your entrance and still get accepted and you have to apply one year prior with other college. This is a cool part. You do save money by being able to apply any time you need to and it’s so much more convenient. It’s not as competitive as other Universities. This is the part that I like about UNLV.

The campus is very clean and beautiful, with a diverse number of students and cultural background. The campus also offers many academic majors, and you won’t be disappointed. You do get all sorts of financial aid and scholarship here. UNLV is a great college and you should go here if you are around here. I would recommend this Universities to anyone who’s in Las Vegas.


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