Become a Super Human. Do You Want It?

                Spiderman, cat woman, batman, and many more is some of the super human exist in the virtual world. Maybe we can see them in the television having super power and many more. If I given an opportunity to become one of the super human I don’t think that I want it.

                If I’m a super human I will become different from other people. Some of them may think that I’m special but maybe some of them think that I’m a freak that can harm people. This is because as a super human I can choose to help people or controlling them. Having more power than other people make me think to have a valiant type of thinking. Having super power may bring me to the world of evilness.

                Being a super human make you have a big responsibility. Super human always connected as super hero. The big responsibility make it is difficult to be a super human. Maybe I can be popular as a super human, but this will bring me a lot of misery in my life in saving or helping people.

                Having a super power as a super human makes me different from other people. I don’t want to be a super human as I want a simple life. Maybe someone that interested being a super human likes their life to be popular and admired to other people. A simple life is more than I needed. I don’t need to be special human to have special life. I just need being me to have and extra ordinary life.

                Maybe being a superhuman make you different but I don’t want to be one of it. As one of the ordinary human being also can be special in their own way.

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