The Non Lethal Exchange of Hot Air

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Bloviating for fun and profit


The proper province of government is the non lethal exchange of hot air.  Government is at its most efficient in the exchange of empty promises known as an “election”.

Government does not and cannot efficiently direct an economy.  In fact, government is hideously inefficient in the operation of an economic engine.

Now on the other hand, government is completely competent in directing annihilation.  Research and Development projects such as the Manhattan project prove this to a “T”.    So military R&D as well as any war, pogrom, ethnic cleansing,  or act of government sponsored genocide you care to cite demonstrate the efficiency of government sponsored annihilation.

But if you want to get a close look at government economics then look at the finances of Amtrak, the post office, the senate run restaurant,  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae,  or trillions of dollars the military has managed to lose track of.  (Yes trillions.  Google it. )

If President Barack Hussein Obama insists on using an airplane analogy for the effect of government on the economy then government is what is known to aerospace engineers as drag.  Business and labor are lift.

At its best, government is an enforcer of contracts.  Unfortunately, since Obama and the ultra-liberal economic dictators he surrounds himself came to town, government is not an impartial enforcer of contracts.  Rather government is now composed of individuals who first consult the communist manifesto or the collected works of Mao Tse Tung, before deciding which side of the scales to put their thumbs down on.

It is easy to prove that government is not the engine of the economic airplane but rather the drag.  Just take note at how all Obama supporters avoid, deflect or twist around the following scenario:

If government can truly create something of value, on its own,  then why is it a bad idea for government to print $330 trillion dollars and give every man, woman and child in the United States a trillion dollars?   And oh by the way, after giving everyone a trillion dollars how much would a loaf of bread cost?  For those of you who have pulled off your shoes to do the math, in other words, for all democrats, the answer is  a loaf of bread would cost at least one trillion dollars.  If you still don’t understand the math, in other words, if you are a registered democrat, then try Googling the  Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe.

If a centrally planned economy such as Obama desires is such a good idea then  where is the Soviet Union and why is North Korea an economic basket case?

Has anyone in the Obama adminstration noticed that China has become very wealthy by reducing government control over the economy?  If even communists know better what excuse does Obama have?


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