Learn to Listen to Your Body’s Language

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The Indian medicinal system Ayurveda tells us that by listening to the messages within our body and by administering an array of tastes that our body tastes, we can have a healthier life force, which means we will be able to choose more wisely, in everything. Ayurveda and Siddha give more importance to the symptoms of the body than other western medicinal systems. Ayurveda, the science of living, teaches the ways of recognizing the subtle changes and the methods of treating them.

Body complains

American health specialist Dr. Holly Phillips says that brittle nails, dull hair or a crease in one of the earlobes are some of the many signs that your body show to indicate something is amiss with your health. These signs can signify the underlying medical problems that need attention. Further she advises people to check up their body thoroughly for any such signals.

What can the body parts tell us?

1) Eyelids can tell us about the fat deposits in our body which is an important sign of knowing high cholesterol. The yellow bumps in the inner corner of the eye are actually fat deposits.

2) Eyebrows, by losing the hairs on the outer corners or by appearing to be shortening can show the lower level of thyroid hormone.

3) If our eyes seem to be bulging or swelling, it may be a sign of an over-active thyroid. If the white part of the eye begins to turn yellow, it may be a sign of some liver disease or some problem in the gall bladder. This can occur as a result of some medication.

4) Ancient medicinal systems give more importance to the symptoms of earlobes. A study by National Institute of Health Sciences suggests that a diagonal crease in the earlobe could be linked with heart attack risk.

5) Dryness and brittleness of the hair could be a thyroid problem or a sign of anemia. Premature graying is a sign of deficiency in Vitamin B12. Sudden hair loss may be the sign of over stress.

6) Varicose veins may appear by sudden weight gain or weight loss and there may be calf swelling or tenderness which is a dangerous sign of vein thrombosis. It should be attended immediately.

7) Men usually ignore if they find small and painless lumps on their chest or underarm area. But statistics say that 2% of breast cancers occur in men and hence they should be on the look out for such signals.

8) Dry and brittle finger nails may be a sign of thyroid disease or anemia. It may also reveal the deficiency of Vitamin B12. Horizontal lines may show of heart disease. Or heart problems. If the fingers become yellow or brown, it may occur from fungal infection or even problems in the lung.

9) Usually, bruising of body is viewed as an alarming sign. But they not be alarming, since it appear as we age and the capillaries naturally become weaker. If you notice bruising a lot more than usual, you should not ignore it as it may be an early sign of leukemia or some side effect of some medication.   


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