How To Get My Ex Girlfriend or Boyfriend Back After Cheating

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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend or Boyfriend Back after Cheating

Breaking of trust is the real damage caused by cheating and infidelity. Building trust can take years. Destroying it can be done in mere seconds.

And the longer you wait to start the repairs … the deeper the wounds … and the harder to fix a relationship.

Here are a few things you can do to repair the damage and get your ex back (girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband).

First, if you were caught cheating, step one is to apologize (assuming you ARE sorry for your indiscretion).

One word of caution here — do NOT lie about being sorry for your actions. You’re working to rebuild trust and any insincerity now will derail your efforts.

Also, be especially careful not to get into an argument with your ex when you apologize. It’s easier than you may think to get riled up (on both sides). So be VERY aware, calm, collected and HUMBLE.

And avoid becoming defensive, making excuses or trying to deflect blame to your Spouse or significant other.

If you were the one cheated on …

Resist the urge to lash out and put all the blame on your partner. I know this may be very hard – especially because you feel hurt and betrayed.

But if you believe there’s a basis to fix this relationship … you too must work on helping your partner rebuild the lost trust.

In fact, (and I know I said we wouldn’t talk about whys, but …) people sometimes have affairs because they are insecure and want to seek attention of other people (the fling). They may hope to be wanted, desired and loved … because they might have not found in you.

Once all the apologies have been made and things have cooled down you’re ready for step two.

And, here’s another warning, this step will be the MOST difficult.

Step two is to forgive and forget.

Without the ability to move forward, without laying ongoing guilt – one way or the other – the relationship will not stand a chance.

So, if you both believe your relationship is worth saving – and you want to try to fix your relationship and win back the love of your “Ex” – then you must take these two crucial steps.

This process may take some time to accomplish. But if both partners are committed, forgiving and really want a solid and loving relationship, it Will work out.

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