Tuesday, December 12

Ufc 127 Penn Vs. Fitch Fight Prediction

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 UFC 127 in Australia is almost upon us and the main event of BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch is eliciting a lot of attention from those who make predictions for event results. The fight will take place on Feb. 26 in Sydney, Australia.V=1


The matchup will be at welterweight where Fitch has beaten everyone in his path except of course for Georges St. Pierre.

Penn suffered a setback to St. Pierre as well for the welterweight title when they fought and GSP bullied him around.

He will have to have his takedown defense in tip-top shape to beat Fitch who is almost as good of a wrestler and perhaps even stronger than GSP considering his larger frame.

Penn will try to outbox the slower Fitch, however, and knock him out as he did with Matt Hughes.

This is a tough fight to call but Fitch has the edge considering he is a natural welterweight while Penn has to move up.

Penn’s skills will make this a classic fight but in the end the bigger, hungrier Fitch will overwhelm Penn by grinding as he always does and wearing him down. Fitch’s striking is getting better and his chin has proven to be solid. As long as he doesn’t take too many chances and give Penn a chance to land that one big knockout blow he should be able to use his height advantage to dictate the tempo and pace of the fight and to keep Penn out of range.

Penn will be too wary of the takedown to come in close if Fitch can land a few jabs early and that will be all the former Purdue Boilermaker wrestler will need to keep Penn off-balance.

UFC 127 results prediction: Fitch by decision.


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