"easy" Ways to Make Money Online

Everyone wants to make money online and they often want to do this very fast.  Now, this is all well and good but there is one key point: You need to work to make money.  For some this is easy, They write a bit each day and then publihs a bit more, and the pennies roll in from Google AdSense.  Over time, more money comes in and their business begins to grow.

There are easy ways to make money online.  One of them is by using affiliate programs such as teh Google AdSense program where you write great content and then link to this content to make the money you want to make.  Over time a little becomes a lot.  The key to making easy money with this affilaite program is to write a lot of content and link between your content and then link to it from the outside over time.  Some of this content will be a hit and some will not but you keep on linking to everything and between every thing. Knowledge about Google AdSense (found in books) is key to making more money with this program.

Another way people make money is with Amazon, which is a sort of affilaite program, but works on a sliding scale.  Each month the percentage that you make with you traffic buying items from you starts at the beginning.  The rate is based on how much you sell per month.  So sell less than 7 items you make 4% on these items.  The key to this to sell a lot of small tiems which add up quickly, but then sell one larger item later, since after 7 items (or products) you make a higher percentage.

One other way is content that you produce but you are paid some other way.  In this case think wikinut orother sites that were like this, where you are paid by impressions and a small bit of royalty.  In this case to make easy money is to get as many people going through your work, and also getting them to click on the ads offered.  Without of course, breaking the terms of service.  There the terms of service are to teh point and mean the difference between making a lot of money online, and making a few pennies a day online (if that!)

Again to make easy money with any of these programs, you will need to promote your site and to keep on promoting it from the author profile to anything, such as social networking sites, and search engines.  You need to be seen by others and get traffic.  Now, for this case, you will need to increase traffic, and keep on building that traffic to the point that you will be able to make money with it.

So teh easy way to make money: Write content, link it, increase that traffic, and do it all over again.

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