Every Day WE Live

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Every day as we go through life

there are challenges to be met

as we strive to do our task

and reach the goals we’ve set.

There are also wonders we receive,

all those blessings that we get;

not always merited

but we get them just the same…

And all of us from time to time

face both sunshine and rain

yet each moment between sunrise

and the evening’s sunset

we are given strength to make it through

and all our basic needs are met…

We are showered on with blessings

that are all from Heaven sent.

There is beauty all around us,

marvels that daily abound

to fill up all our senses,

taste, touch, smell, sight and sound;

those things that make our life worth living

and they all are constantly around;

all those blessings of creation

‘til when comes the dark of night

when the glories of heaven

sparkle, shimmer hallowed light

and a peacefulness surrounds us,

a calm, so we can rest

and awake to see the sunrise,

give life our very best

as we face our daily challenges

and strive towards those goals we’ve set,

while we each day are given blessings

that are all from Heaven sent.


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