Baby O Baby

 All mommies would have passed this day .Yes it was when they would have  received  lab results saying ‘ + ‘ for pregnancy test .The day came for me too . I was very happy and so were my family members .We were waiting for the day to see my baby . In between the wait had to go to clinic for regular tests , took tablets , had mood swings and all that would happen during pregnancy .

The day came and my baby was in my hand . I was very happy to see him . My husband used to play with him and my mom was at my place to take care of us . I breastfed him and also supplemented him formula .  It is true that breastfeeding creating a strong bonding between mom and baby and it was true in my case .

We went on a vacation to our native and were back in a couple of days . Now myself and my baby were home alone when my husband was away to work . When my mom was there at my place she took care of him most of the time . But now it was a very hard time for me to do so . Initially it was a bit difficult and used to call my husband during office hours and complain about my baby . Guess people who read this would either laugh or think i was strange. Even my husband would laugh at seeing me when he reaches home reminding me of the complaint call i made . I laughed with him too .

Days passed by and i started loving whatever my baby did and we both had a jolly time at home. My husband wanted to stay back at home to enjoy with us . Yes we three were ‘Home Alone’ many days after that .

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