The Unfortunate Business Principal of Sacrifice

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Corporate Management, Human Resources, Employment Law, Contract Negotiations, Marketing, Accounting International Business Management and Business Ethics, to name a few, are among the mandatory courses taken in the hopes that a degree, albeit a simple piece of paper, will guarantee the success of the entrepreneurial endeavors pursued following it’s bestowment. What is reiterated by professors, mentors and protege experiences, is that there are three pillars of successful business development and ownership, customer service, cost and quality and only two of the three are achievable. Realistically, pursuing all three will lead to deterioration and failure.

If a business owner pays for outstanding customer service for a high quality product, it is not possible to provide the same at a competitive price. For a competitive price, a high quality product can be provided if customer service is sacrificed. Likewise, outstanding customer service at a competitive price can be provided at the expense of quality.

Asses the value of each pillar, beginning with customer service; A government funded study revealed that the average customer with a complaint told between nine and ten people about it and that Customers whose complaints were addressed and resolved told at least five people about the positive experience. Loyal customers and word of mouth advertising are obviously imperative to growth and success.

Cost is valuable in and of its self, businesses lacking competitive cost fail to make sufficient profits to stay in business in the long term. This is apparent based upon economic and consumer practices over the course of several generations, the business who survive are those whose costs reflect the budget of John Q Public.

Sacrificing quality is a short term solution, while temporarily more affordable, a lack of quality depletes any chance of repeat business and customer generated leads or referrals.

It should be taught, noted and press worthy that call tracking can provide the means for businesses to succeed without sacrifice. Offer a high quality product at a competitive price and hold your customer service representatives accountable. Maintain a high standard of customer service and satisfaction. In bound and outbound call recording and call tracking can provide an invaluable training tool in both new-hire or corrective education. That first impression is a representation of the quality of service a customer can expect from that business. How much is that business losing on an employee who doesn’t know how to do his job? With call recording, improving customer service and training employees is as simple as logging onto online account management. Media Watch Dog listed “Overburdened Agency Staff” as one of the top ten risks in advertising stating “Clients and agencies have reorganized, slimmed down, pared back training programs and stretched their staffs further than ever before. Bottom line, there’s more to do and fewer people to do it. This dynamic can result in a lower level of protection for advertisers investments, minimizing returns and increasing risks” For $20 a month, for a single line, management and training eliminates this gamble and gives employers the chips they need to get the most from their employees.

Now, even university graduates are maintaining all three pillars of success, keeping quality and cost, and utilizing call tracking to achieve outstanding customer service.

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