Friday, December 15

"hackers," The Silent Attack

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     Think you’re safe? You think your finances are safe? Well think again. Huh I got news for you. About a year ago I had the exhausting experience of dealing with a computer hacker. People, they are out there. They go into public places running numbers. They have a hand held device and they run off of phone number’s. If you have blue tooth or the internet on your phone they can get on your phone. They will take your contacts,and your pictures. They are looking for financial information, and remember you have contacts; your contacts have contacts and so on, so if they get your information they can have a field day. There are secure phones and computers out there. Contact your provider. Remember your computer is wireless too, so get a secure connection, they can drain your battery in a matter of minutes and they can change your password so you can’t utilize your own equipment. These people are driven by greed, not hardship, they don’t care if your hungry or homeless it’s all about self gain to them. No wonder identity theft is at an all-time high. The top five states in the country for identity theft are Arizona, Texas, California, Colorado, and Nevada. Protect yourself because no one else will. Just for your information when there is fraud committed they will go after you not the perp. Because they know right where to find you. Remember your putting out a signal so is the perp. 


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