John Legend Proved me Wrong

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I recently went to John Legend’s concert and I have to admit, I was blown away. It was  not what I expected.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely enjoy listening to John’s music and own almost every  album of his that is out there. I listen to his music especially in the mornings to start my day on a positive note and I have been recently playing his “Good morning” song from the Evolver album. I also get to play some of his fabulous music on the piano.

I enjoy the soothing tunes while I am reading a book with my favorite glass of wine or even when I am cleaning my house. John’s deep voice makes this experience much more enjoyable…

As much as I love listening to artists like John Legend, Norah Jones or John Mayer, I may not be enthused to see them in a concert. When I think of a great and memorable concert I imagine a very energetic, powerful and making you want to jump off your chair performance. The mentioned artists just don’t seem to necessarily fit in this category. In this case I was not sure if I could expect much of a kick from a beautiful yet slow, bluesy and contemplative music of John Legend.

Well, John Legend proved me WRONG. He didn’t leave a minute of his concert time that would make me want to be in a different place than at the Florida Theater of Jacksonville. It was fantastic, breath taking and exhilarating.

I was impressed with his performance and his soulful yet powerful voice. He’s one of the few musicians out there that can sing, entertain and definitely put up a great performance. Adding to this was a great team of back up singers, video in the background and special lighting effects.

If you like John Legend but you’re debating whether to go to his concert next time, go ahead and buy his ticket. And let him prove you wrong. It will be one of those rare moments when it actually feels good to be wrong.


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