Fear Can Never Bring About Change in Anybody.

Parents, Lovers  and Children at some point  in their lives have  used this tactic to get what they want. 

Many young children and sometimes immature adults throw temper tantrums to get what they want.

They may succed for sometime, but then it backfires on them later.

Nobody likes to be controlled.Every human being is born free and independent.

Fear  can only beget more fear as  love can beget more love.

Everyone responds to reason even if they do not agree with you at once,

People get defiant when they feel that they are being controlled.Their defiance may manifest itself in many forms.

Adolescents   become rebels, men/women have affairs, become workoholics or shopoholics.

People  try to escape their problems by using drugs, alcohol or sex.

 If you want people to look up to you and appreciate  you ,

you can start by keeping in mind the following  steps.

1. Always communicate with people with a open mind and a non judgemental attitude.

2.Listening to people with genuine interest makes you a good conversationalist and a good confidante. 

3. Keep peoples confidences to yourself /  always keep a secret.

4.Do not give advice even if you are tempted to.

5.Be happy for the person if he/she is happy , even if  you feel that they are making a mistake.

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