Preparing For The Eb5 Visa Program

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Make Sure to Have the Money

Applying to the EB5 visa program, or Immigrant Investor Visa, is just like applying for a Green Card Visa, in that it requires money to do so.It must be said, however, that this visa requires quite a bit of funds; succinctly put, the person applying for the visa must be able to do one of two things.He or she can invest one million dollars in a business in the United States, thus creating a minimum of ten jobs; if the investment goes to a place that has great need, it can be $500,000.00 instead.The other option involves donating $500,000.00 minimum to a designated Regional Center.

Identifying the Right Investment

There are many different kinds of investments, so the person preparing for the EB5 visa program must choose the right one.There are also many companies that work in facilitating this program, and they can offer help to the individual applying for a visa.The choice comes down to the investor, however, and it is recommended that he or she make an investment choice based on his or her interests as opposed to choosing something recommended by someone else.However, it is also possible for an investor to create a new business.

Getting Documentation

Certain documents are needed while preparing for theEb-5 Visa Program, and they must be presented in order to properly finish the application; it is also recommended that an investor have the necessary documents prepared and ready well beforehand.This will allow the investor to lower the risk of potential penalties, and he or she will not be delayed during the application process.An example of the documents needed include financial statements and records, as well as personal documentation for both the investor and his or her family members, i.e. spouses and children.

Find a Lawyer Experienced in Immigration Laws

Finally, it is important to find a lawyer who has experience with immigration laws in general, and with the EB5 visa program in particular.It is also recommended that a foreign investor have an attorney, in order to adequately protect his or her best interests; it will also make the application process far less complicated.The procedure necessary to immigrate can get very complex, and it is therefore a necessity to have not just a lawyer, but an experienced and reputable one, in order to complete the application smoothly and receive citizenship status.


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