It`s All About Having Faith

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I love to read books on spiritual themes, because of the messages they deliver to us. If you read carefully, one can realize that they contain many important messages about how life should be, about how one should live, about how we should behave with our fellow human beings, with the planet we live on. But mostly I enjoy them because of their positive tint, for the joy inspired, for the hope revival in our souls that will come a day when everything that is bad will no longer exist, a day when we will realize that we are all made of pure love. This world is going through a crisis, someone told me, and it is not a political or economic or social crisis, but of a spiritual nature, others are only its manifestations. We live like a numbing sensation, like robots, from one day to another, without a dream, no hope, but mostly without faith. People have forgotten who they are, they have forgotten their divine seed, and they forgot that they came to this place in order to share their wonderful sense of love and to embrace it. We forget that our purpose is to become what we want to be, to continuously recreate us, more and more.

I remember a quote that I liked very much, namely: there is nothing that can not be, you can not do or can not have. I didn’t believe it at first. It seemed too simple, I had been taught that life is hard, that everyone must work hard to get what they want and especially because we can not have what we want, but must settle for what we get. More, there is so much inequality in this life, some are born into a rich family, others in a poor family, some are born with extraordinary abilities others with all sorts of flaws, some are physically beautiful, others not, some start in life with many advantages, and others have to fight hard for them. It was then when I started reading every book that fall into my hands about spirituality, any site that I found. And I finally understood.We can have everything we want; we can see our dreams come true; we can do all this and more. But it is not enough to say that you want and you can, you must have faith.

Now, to be honest with you, faith was pretty tough for me. From what I read, I was told that we must thank and appreciate for what we have in our lives and for what we want to have. And I could not understand how I could thank in advance for something that was not in my life. My mind was telling me: no such thing, how can you thank for something that is not actually in your life. But then I understood. It’s about faith. It’s what the Bible says: faith can move mountains. Faith must be the basis for all our prayers. By faith you are certain that what you want in your life you will have. It sounds simple, but the truth is that true. What would cost you instead of thinking if God will listen to your prayers and give you what you asked for, to have certainty that you will get?

They say there are only two major emotions: fear and love. If fear is what will determine your prayers (fear due to lack of money, or friends, or loved one) it will be much harder to get what you ask for. But, if love is the basis for all things that you make in your life, all your dreams and everything you said it’s too good to be true, will become your reality. Remember, everyone’s life is the reflection of thoughts and feelings they have. Manifest love and your life will be full of love. Have faith and God will give you everything you want and much more. Remember, love and faith and you will literally love your life.  


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