Crysis 2 Leaked On Torrent

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The upcoming blockbuster game of Crytek got leaked in the market way before its official release. Crysis 2’s incomplete leak was uploaded on the torrent site including multiplayer support and key to break the DRM protection. No one had been sure from where the leak came out, Crytek had been alerted about the incomplete, unfinished build of Crysis 2 leaked torrent which appeared on the Internet. Crytek and Electronic Arts (EA) were deeply disappointed when they heard the News and asked support from the fans to wait till the official release and then buy the final and polished version of Crysis 2 which is going to be release on 22 March. It’s officially confirmed that the leaked version of Crysis 2 was available on the torrent site “Pirate bay”. The leaked version of Crysis 2 was on the market 49 days before its proper release date that’s around 23 December 2010. Crysis 2 is set to come out for xbox360, PS3 and PC. The PC version of Crysis 2 is been leaked.  Unfortunately the leaked version has been removed from the pirate bay and its sad news for those who planned on planning the game now.  The threat of Crysis 2 was most worrying too as the leak contains the Solid Shield Master Key for online authentication creating a security problem for Crytek and EA.

The same incident happened with Crysis too, its torrent was on the market 3 days before its official release. Well in my opinion it’s really very sad news that its incomplete torrent was on the market before its official release because a game with a capacity like that should be played sincerely with its polished version. I m not a hard core gamer but I do love graphics and real time fun which can’t be experienced with unpolished torrent version of the game.


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