Monday, December 18

T-Shirt Printing Prices Vary Depending On Light And Dark

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When t-shirts are being designed and printed there is an important factor which determines the price of the t-shirt and that is the color of the fabric. If you pick out a white t-shirt it will cost you much less when you get it printed. There are quite a few reasons for this which includes the initial price of the t-shirt to factors which are a part of the printing process.

Typically t-shirts are priced according to two categories, whites and darks. Almost always white t shirts are the cheapest when you compare it to any other color t-shirt from the same brand and design. Even if you see no other factor but the cost of the t-shirt only, whites have a lesser overall cost of printing.

The next thing is that you have an advantage in pricing when it goes through the process of printing when you use a basic white t-shirts rather than a colored t-shirt. The reason is that when you use a printing on dark colored t-shirts you may need to use more ink to have over one layer to be able to cover the t-shirt properly. To be able to keep the layers from spreading the initial layer has to be partially dried with the use of heating elements in a procedure known as “flashing”. When you have flash colors in the print it actually depends a lot on the time the t-shirt has been on the press and this also brings about extra charges. Typically all the colors can get strong in just one layer on white t-shirts and very rarely you need to flash them.

There is another factor which has an effect on the price of a dark t-shirt and that is the need to have a white base under it. It will not be possible to print light shades and bright colors ink well at all on the dark t-shirt even if you put down a number of layers. To be able to manage this one has to print a white ink layer in the same design as the colored layer initially and then it is flashed so that it gets dry. After this process is completed will it be possible to use the final ink color which can be is placed on top of the white print. This will not just have the cost of flashing as described earlier but you also have to pay an added cost for the additional  white ink which has been used and both these together increases the cost of printing on dark t-shirts.


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