Do You Want Light Neck Ties

People who wear neck ties are generally aware about the various kinds of neck ties. There are many different kinds of neck ties and typically light weight neck ties are designed with polyester or any other thin fabric. They are described as being light weight neck ties and are much more popular in the USA as compared to the UK where most individuals prefer to wear thicker ties.

Plain Neck Ties- In most cases polyester of silk neck ties are plain which means that they are designed in just one color. You can get plain neck ties in satin, smooth, textured silk as well as woven silk in a number of colors. You can wear such neck ties on a daily basis but they are more often used during weddings. Other than the regular smooth neck ties D/Rib and H/Rib silk ties come with a diagonal or horizontal ribs or also with a mild self design as compared to just a plain colored neck tie. The popular colors used in plain neck ties normally changes with the season.

Fashion Neck Ties- Fashion neck ties are generally woven or printed silk which have a particular design or pattern like stripes, spots, which could also change according to the seasons. In fact fashion neck ties also follow the same kind of trends as the designer ties but at almost half price. However some fashion neck ties are made available for a particular reason and you will get a very limited stock. At the end of the season you may find fashion neck ties on sale but it is no point relying on buying during sale as you may or even not get the piece wanted. Most popular neck ties sell out much prior to the beginning of the sale.

Boy Neck Ties – You can get an extensive variety of boy neck ties from plain to the ones which are fitting for events and weddings. They are different kind of cartoon and polyester fashion neck ties. Several of the satin boy neck ties and bow ties also offer matching men’s neck ties which makes it perfect for weddings. You can also get children’s neck ties in different sizes and length which is indicated in the label.

Extra Long Neck Ties – These are neck ties which are about 10 cm longer than the normal neck tie sand have been specially designed for big and tall men. You can get these neck ties in polyester, silk as well as very smooth polyester.

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