Leotards Of The 80’s Are Making A Comeback!

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Like a number of things fashion also works in cycles. There have been a number of comebacks like the bell bottoms, afros as well as the disheveled 70’s look which comes and goes and is back again. You can see this fashion cycle in the dance wear and you can feel it when enter a stylish concert or night club. You can see that leotards are on the way in.

In fact leotard was at its height during the disco era and the Fonda during the 1970’s. At present, more than 30 years down the line one-piece outfits can be seen in fashion magazines, vintage boutiques as well as in celebrity concerts. Leotards are just behind in making a comeback with other 70’s and 80’s outfits such as skinny jeans and leggings and this style is becoming very popular with the crowd.

Originally leotard appeared in 1859 and it was named after its creator, Jules Leotard a French aerialist. It was displayed first in the performance of French flying trapeze. Initially this garment was available in a hand-knit jersey which covered the person from wrist to ankles. You could call it more of a unitard than a real leotard. There were many stories about this revealing dress and drew many people to the performance and that is even true for today.

Leotards became popular and became a part of pop culture and were worn by ballet artists, lingerie models to showgirls all through the 1960’s and 70’s.  During the late 80’s and 90’s leotards got limited to ballet performances and were not seen too often in the night life or pop music scene. This seems to be changing today s the first part of the 21st century is giving good completion.

It is a fact that leotards are in the way in and almost 20 years from the time hair bands and such costumes lost their way. You will see the leotard look in the dancers, performers as well as with people who frequent clubs. This new style is seen in the pop culture scene by having a sexy, vintage and simple look. We all know that history moves in cycles and that is true for fashion also and therefore it is not surprising that this one piece suit is back.

Just get used to seeing the leotards back into the fashion scene. You want to take part in this new movement or not, it is on its way in.


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