Get Over Your Partner's Past Relationship

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1. PAST IS PAST. Nothing and no one can change what has been done. It’s history. What was once written could not be unwritten as much as what has been said can never be unsaid. You know it. And it sucks! Think: just as he had his past relationship, so did you! Everyone has a past. Every girl he has dated was all part and parcel of the process that brought your paths at the crossroad. His past is none of your business and it’s not really any of your concern. His past is not about you. If you look forward to seeing the future with your partner then you better stop thinking about his past because it’s never going to get you closer to your future with him. He is not living in it anymore, so should you.

2. CUT ANY CONNECTION WITH THIS INDIVIDUAL. Getting updates from your partner’s past is only aggravating the situation. There is nothing worse than a jealous, insecure partner especially when there is absolutely no reason for it. The more you know of the whereabouts of his ex, the more paranoid you become. Discipline yourself to stop cyber-stalking your partner’s ex, if you cut the source, you cut the problem! So go ahead and hit that block and delete button ASAP! 

3. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF WITH HIS PAST. You are unique in your own way. Though the comparison helps you feel superior at some point, you need to discipline yourself to stop doing so because in the end, comparisons leave you feeling less and not enough for your partner. So stop the “comparison disease” and start appreciating what your partner sees and adores in you.

4. EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES. You need to realize that it is inevitable to make a mistake, it’s part of the nature of the imperfection of humanity. It is NOT his fault that he had a past, after all, you weren’t in the picture yet. If he has done something awful in the past that you find so hard to forgive then it is better to leave the relationship before both of you end up wounded. Remember it was never his fault that you came after his past relationship. You become brave when you ask for forgiveness but you become the bravest when you forgive. So if you value your relationship with your partner, realize that you need to forgive.

5. IT’S BETWEEN YOU and HIM. Regardless of his past, remember, it’s you and him NOW. The stars have converged to bring your two souls together, you wouldn’t want it any other way now, would you? Trust your partner’s love. If you trust that he has moved on to you and not the past then that’s the only thing that can give you peace of mind. Create your own bubble where only the two of you can exist, where no one and nothing from the past dare penetrate. Take care of each other and do not allow the past to haunt your relationship, never even give it a chance.


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