Why Learn Basic Syntax?

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Basic syntax enhances the power of SCR. The Crystal syntax language for writing formulas works well and lends a great deal of flexibility and power to your formulas, Basic syntax is bused on Visual Basic programming language, which in some cases might be more efficient or contain functions that lend different functionality or flexibility to formulas.

Now do not think that you have to learn Basic syntax. Crystal syntax has a whole list of new functions that mimic VBScript and offer more options, flexibility and power, Basic syntax helps people who already know Basic not ‘to have to learn a new formula syntax.

Differences between Crystal and Basic Syntax

Basic syntax differs from Crystal syntax in several ways. The differences arc minor, but important to write successful formulas using Basic syntax. The following sections outline the differences between Crystal syntax and Basic syntax.

Value Returned from a Formula

Crystal Syntax. A formula returns the result of the final statement. The fol­lowing formula returns either the words Good Sales or Bad Sales as its result.

if (Customer, Last Year’s Sales} > 5000 then “Good Sales” else “Sad Sales”

Basic Syntax Returns the value of the special variable, formula. You can set the value of this variable once or many times in a single formula. You don’t need to declare this variable.

Here’s the same formula, written in Basic syntax. The result of the formula is the final value assigned to the variable named formula.

1f (Customer Last Year’s Sales] > 5000 then

formula -“Good Sales’

else formula – “Bad Sales”

End if.


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