Adding Graphics to Your Report

Adding graphics to a report is straightforward. You can add any .BMP, JPG, .T1F, or .PNG graphic file to a report. To insert a graphic:

Click the Insert Picture toolbar button found on the supplementary toolbar or click Insert, Picture to open the Open dialog box. Find thegraphic file you would like to add on your computer or the network.

Either double-click the picture you want to insert or select it and clickOpen. The Open dialog box closes and “attaches” the picture to your mouse pointer.

2. Drop the picture on your report by clicking where you want to place it. Resize the picture using the resizing handles.

3. To format the graphic, right-click to open a shortcut menu. Options in the shortcut menu allow you to resize, add a border, and manipulate that border. You can also move the graphic anywhere you want on your Report.

Adding Lines, Boxes, and Shapes to Reports

You might find lines, boxes, or shapes appealing for organizing and formatting your reports or for drawing addiction to a certain area, field, or figure. You insert lines and boxes directly onto a report. For shapes, you format a box to have rounded corners and adjust the size so that you get the custom shape you want.

You can format a box to become a shape by founding the corners and adjusting the size. Thus, all shapes are derived from a simple box, so triangles or Irregular shapes are not possible using this option.

1.    Click Insert, Line or Insert, Box. Or, use the toolbar buttons. This turns your mouse pointer into a pencil icon.

2.    Draw a line by dragging the mouse the length of the line. For boxes, start the box in the upper-left corner and drag the mouse diagonally down and. to the right. In either case, let go of the mouse where you want the line or box to end.

3.    With the line or box selected, you have resizing handles just like with fields to resize the line or box.

4.    With your pointer on the border of the line or box, right-click to open a shortcut menu with formatting options.

5.    To round the corners of a box to create a shape, select Format Box from the shortcut menu. On the Rounding tab, use the scroll bar across thebottom of the tab to round the box off to create the shape you need.

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