Love And Passion Is What Makes The World go Round…..

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What does a human being really want?

A man  goes about finding his pupose and reaching his goals.

This takes about 30-35 years of his life.

He gets his dream job and his dream house and all the luxuries that goes with it.

He spends his time working and protecting his wealth. He assumes that he can  do what he wants with his wealth.

The modern man is conditioned to hoard wealth for the future.

He imitates what he sees as a wonderful life as shown in the movies.

He goes about his life in the exact manner in which his contemporaries have done.

Very few men actually think about what legacy they are leaving behind for the next generation.

How much does a man really need in his life for his life to be satisfying?

Can a man live in 2 houses at the same time?

How many clothes can he wear at one time?

At some point of his life he realises that he is completely alone. He knows that many of his freinds are friends  in name only.

That is when he starts becoming restless and existential fears come up.

He realises that he  has got it all wrong. He has to start again. He needs to reconnect to his self, his own simple and innocent self.

A human being can experience extreme happiness and bliss if he follows the following 10  steps.

A  human being cannot live without love and passion in his life.

1. maintain good inter-personal relationships with parents and /or extended family 

2. connect with friends

3. help the deserving

4.  travel

5.  remain a student life long

6.  read 

7.  learn about other cultures

8.  eat healthy and exercise

9. have atleast one person( male /female) to whom he can confide in completely and unconditinally non-judgemental 


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