Thursday, December 14

What is With The Name….

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Coming home from work, to see those creepy buzzards by the droves at the end of the lane, at my house out in the middle of nowhere, actually it is a common site, but this time there was something slightly moving in the middle of these crazy buzzards.
It was a puppy, which looked like it had been hit by a car; he must have been laying there for some time to attract the buzzards and near death, or dead.
Shouting at the buzzards that hold their ground quite well and didn’t want to give it up, gathered closer around the meal, they are the ugliest creatures, and being brave wasn’t one of my stronger points, there were more of them, than me.
So shouting again, flailing my arms, walked closer, and shouted some more, they finally backed off.
My heart pounded looking at the puppy that lay in a puddle of blood, without movement now, and not even a whimper.
Picking the puppy up without even a thought, and rushing him to the nearest veterinarian, we were both covered in blood, when they rushed in and grabbed the puppy, stating he was still alive but barely.
My love for animals took over, asking if the puppy would live.  Let us give him a closer look and we will let you know.
This little puppy was very unattractive, sort of looked like a Doberman with the markings, but had a long tail and longer hair.  The Veterinarian, guess him to be around 4 months old.
Then the Veterinarian, asked me to step aside, telling me this isn’t your dog.  Relaying that to be true, my soft heart has called me to his side.  He smiled and told me that he couldn’t promise anything, it was basically up to our little friend here, it was up to him if he decided to live.  But he is in good hands now.
Really no attachment to the puppy but my heart was breaking.
This little guy was strong, emergency surgery was performed to repair damage to his colon, and small intestines. He was in total care of the Vet.
He made it through the surgery, and then leaving, but still feeling like I was leaving a piece of me behind.
The next couple of days calling like a crazy woman, he was still unconscious, attached to IV’s and it was looking like he wouldn’t come around.
Three long days later he decided to live, he was standing, even wagging his tail.  They called me at work, to tell me, excited wasn’t the word, really excited even though I didn’t know this little guy.
Everything happens for a reason, coming home to find him, saving him, giving him a new lease on life, all happened for a reason.
One week after surgery the ugly little no named pup was ready to go home with me.
Picking him up and expecting a bill that I would spend the rest of my life paying off.  Only to find out the Vet didn’t charge anything, blessings come in all sizes.
Putting the puppy in the car, looking at him and pondering over a name for him, he was coming home to a home with many other dogs with crazy names, like Shecarra, Miss Beezley, and Jellybean.
My daughter came home from school, and she decided on Buzzard as his name.  So Buzzard it was.
Buzzard healed fast, and fell in love with all the animals here on the farm, including the cats.
Buzzard is around 5, healthy, happy and loving.
On his yearly visit to the vet the one that saved his life, it is actually as if Buzzard knows him, besides me and my daughter he really isn’t too happy to see anyone. Quiet laid back and shy, but when he sees the vet, happy he is.
This is my love out loud moment for the Vet that cared enough to save the puppy’s life, and didn’t charge me a dime.  There are some good and caring people still left in this crazy world.
Buzzard is a great pet family member, and he is a blessing in himself, and truly a wonderful dog.


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