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With increase in the global warming and the holes appearing in the ozone layer, people around the world are getting quite aware to save the environment. The damage has been done by the people and it is still happening all around the world in spite of heads of the countries taking drastic measures to save the forest by restricting the usage of plastic and saving the fossil fuels.  The list of things which are causing damage to our environment is endless. Some among them are   deforestation, automotive emissions, water pollution and many more which are degrading the natural resources of the earth. These are giving rise to more and more negative conditions for our future generation. This subject should be introduced very early in the school curriculum to educate the future generation about the importance of our environment.

Universities, government and many international organisations have realised the importance to save our environment and with this regard environmental study has been made compulsory in most schools around the world on primary and high school levels.   Recently many top universities have started introducing new studies on environment. These environment courses are aimed to educate the students on the various aspects of our versatile environment. Environmental courses on environmental engineering and science are equipping the students who are interested in making a career in this discipline. With increase in world wide economics, most countries across the world are witnessing a high degree of environmental pollution. There are number of universities around the world which currently offer many courses on environmental science and engineering

The environmental courses deal with study of relevant aspects like pollution control, industrial hygiene, hazardous waste management, radiation protection, control of toxic materials, water resources and saving the natural resource and many more which are related to environment.

Most of the people who graduate from these courses are offered jobs by the government, international organisations like National Geographic and Discovery. The employees of these organisations are paid handsomely.  Of all the various environmental courses “wildlife management” courses are very popular among the students. These courses are designed to make the student aware about the various habitats of the animals and they are given hands on projects with notable environmentalist.

The environmental course in past few years has rapidly become very popular among the young generation. More and more students opt for environmental science as their main stream of study. In the under graduation level, the environmental course involves all the subjects from life science to wildlife broadly with pollution control, biology, chemistry as allied subjects. One can do post graduation  and PhD in environmental course.

With more and more industries cropping up around the world, there has been a rise in demand for professional environmentalist by these industries who can guide them with environmental issues. They help the industries to protect the environment to the best and they are responsible in reporting to the authorities regarding the pollution and other elements that can affect the environment. Environmental courses are not only available in regular stream of studies but many universities offer distance studies facility to those who are unable to attend regular schools.


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