Friday, December 15

The Great Performance of Solar Camping Lantern

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When it comes to solar-powered light, the solar camping lantern is very versatile. In fact, solar lights of all types are so easy to use, store, and setup that you could take almost any of them with you when you travel no matter if it is for camping or for other types of travel.

There are many articles on the Internet showing various types of camping lanterns. Kerosene, propane, or electric lanterns are the main types featured in these articles. The solar camping lantern out performs all of these types in several ways.

The kerosene and propane lanterns both need a supply of fuel. That fuel is of course flammable so you have to be careful how you store it and transport it. In the case of kerosene, you have to be careful when you fill the lantern and not over fill it or get fuel all over. The propane lantern needs a propane cylinder inserted into the lantern. While this solves the flammable liquid issue it still is something that is a hazard. In either case, you have to decide how much fuel you have and how long it will last.

There is also the issue of safety with kerosene and propane lanterns. You can knock one over and if you do it could catch something on fire. These lanterns also get hot so you have to place them so nothing catches fire or melts or just gets hot and burns if it is touched by children or pets. These lanterns work well outside but can be a hazard inside. A tent, RV, or a house may not be the best place to have either a kerosene or propane lantern.
The electric lantern is better because they are often less expensive than the kerosene or propane, are efficient and much safer. Because the electric lantern does not give off as much heat, they are safer and can be used indoors as well as outdoor. The main problem with these lights is the need to have extra batteries.

The Best Answer: Solar Camping Lanterns
The answer to your need for light when you travel is to get solar-powered lanterns. You do not need fuel of any kind, you do not need to plug them into wires, and you do not need batteries. All you need to do is set the lantern in the sun for a few hours and then turn it on at night. You can also set the automatic switch so that it turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. Some solar lanterns even have a setting for colored light. Solar camping lanterns are very safe and can be place indoors as well as out. If a solar light is knocked over, just pick it up. There is no fuel to spill and they are not hot. You can use them in a close area such as a tent but also in a house as a nightlight in a hallway. You can leave them on all night at an entrance, on a table, in a room or anyplace you want or need light and not worry.
Solar camping lanterns have all of the advantages of the other types of lanterns but none of the disadvantages. They will last and give light for years before the rechargeable batteries or the LED bulbs need to be changed. Take one of these lights on your next trip.


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