Parenting Starts Even Before You Become Parents.

Parenting begins even before one becomes a parent.

It is a known fact that, as young parents, we  tend to fall back on our experiences with our parents as we get to the job of parenting.

Raising a good  human being  is the toughest job on this earth and also the most satisfying and fullfilling.

The 2 most important questions  to ask yourself  before you decide to become parents.

1. Am I  emotionallly stable enouogh to become a parent?

( for women)…whether you are a working Mom or a stay -at-home Mom, the question is whether you are ready to compromise on a lot of ME time . 

You will be on call 24 hours a day for the first six months of the baby`s life. The baby is dependent on you for everything! ACTUALLY  FOR ITS VERY LIFE…!

Good parenting starts with being patient with the baby and not feeling any kind of irritation or reluctance  when you have to compromise on your time.

The baby at this stage is like a sponge, its like a reciever and you are the transmiter.

The baby feels all that you are feeling and has an acute sense of what goes on in your mind.

( for men) all men who decide to become a parent,  have to support their partners in every way possible.

The key word is sharing and understanding.Only if the father is available for the baby will the baby be comfortable and feel secure.

Again the baby senses your resentment and reluctance to help  so you have be very concious and alert around the baby.

2. Am I ready to live concsiously and be an example for my kids?

Both parents need to ask this question to themselves before they  think about bringing  kids into this world.

There is no doubt that kids live by example.If parents live recklessly then children feel that it is alright to do so.

When kids are young, they need a routine. Routine establishes a sense of security.

Love Security and Recognition are the basic needs of children.

Are you ready to give your kids that?If your answer is Yes then please go ahead and make the decsion that will change your life for ever.

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