How I Paid Off My Student Loans While Studying Abroad

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Okay, you’re a student. Either you’re currently a student in high school trying to work out with your parents how to make ends meet while you have fun in college, or you’re already in college and you’re trying to figure out how to pay for your next meal without borrowing money from your friends AGAIN.

I don’t know about USA, but I live in Taiwan, and my loan is simple to pay off:

All of my expenses amount to roughly 3000 dollars (after conversion) for a whole year of college. Seriously.

So basically, what I do is act as Professor’s Assistant here, which gets you about 80 dollars a month. 

Remember that all numbers may seem small, but everything in Taiwan costs a lot less than what you’re used to paying in the USA. 80 Dollars a month is more than enough for me to survive on (and my friends consider me wasteful here!)

But that’s not enough to pay off 3000 dollars, right? 10 months of school, 80 dollars a month, means 8000 dollars in 10 months. About 7000 of that went to my stomach, so I still need to pay off 2000 dollars.

Simple. I teach English. Students here have English as a requirement starting from junior high to college. Hourly rates (for personal tutors) range anywhere from 15 an hour to 30. And they will pay, English is considered one of the hardest courses for Taiwan students.

I don’t have on the job training, but I’m considered a specialist by them, simply because I grew up as a native speaker.

Paying off my student loans have never been easier. Teach 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. Let’s just assume my average was 20 dollars, meaning I made 100 dollars a week. 10 months, 40 weeks later, you have 4000 dollars. 

2000 of that goes into my loans, and the rest are mine to spend as I please.


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