The Bbc"b" Home Computer

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I am old enough to say “I remember the BBC “B” Micro in fact not only do I remember it, I bought one, the year was 1981, the month December and I had decided to buy myself a Christmas present it cost me £399

I took it home plugged it into the TV, no need for a monitor in those days, got the manual out and started to teach myself how to program in BBC Basic. This monster had a 32k memory; hell my cell phone has more memory then that, my Sony Vaio the laptop I use now has 4 gigabytes)

Now if you are a little confused allow me to explain, there are 1024 kilobytes in one megabyte, and 1024 megabytes in one gigabyte, so you see there are 1024*1024 = 1,048,576 kilobytes in one gigabyte, now that’s much clearer isn’t it?

My BBC “B” had a cassette tape to hold the programs I had made, and if I wanted to buy a game for it that came on a cassette tape too, in later updated models a floppy disk player was introduce.

On my Sony whenever I load a program in, it takes seconds depending on the size of it, on my good old BBC “B” I would put in the Tape, type in the load command (Yes you had to know a little programming just to load a program) and then go and make a cup of tea.

You had to type in the code yourself.

I have to admit I loved the idea of learning to program, to be honest that’s what the BBC Micro was first made for, every school in Britain had one there is still a web page for just this. I remember I use to subscribe to a magazine and every month there was a free game in it, no I don’t mean a Cassette Tape the game was printed and you had to type in the code yourself.

Some of the games around at that time were Fire Track, Super Invaders, Cylon Attack, Elite, my favourite and Attack on Alpha Centauri; and many more most of the games were versions of Arcade game that we all played at that time, PacMan, Defender, and of course not forgetting Space Invaders

The games came from software houses like Acorn soft, Superior software, Micro-power there were others but my memory isn’t what it used to be, I even had a go at writing my own game and in the end managed to sell it under my own label Dodsoft

Since then I have had quite a few laptops I am totally hooked onto them and my life would seem very empty without one. (Sad init) funny though I don’t play games any more I suppose we all grow up in the end.


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