Sell Flowers From Your Garden For Extra Income

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Choose flower seeds that don’t take too long to produce plants, and flowers. Overall costs will also be less if you choose appropriate perennials, rather than too many annuals.

If you’re not much of a gardener, read the flower seed packets carefully and choose flowers that grow easily.

Once your flowers are ready for cutting, introduce your little home business at a flea market. Get up early in the morning. Cut your flowers, and bunch them together. Wrap the bottom third of the stems with old newspaper and secure with string or very stretchy thin rubber bands. Place some bunches of flowers in buckets with a fair amount of water, but not too much water that it splashes out while you drive to the flea market. You can take containers or large bottles of water with you to freshen or fill up the water in the buckets when you get to the flea market.

When you are just starting out selling flowers from your garden for extra income, you will want to keep expenses down as much as possible. It is not necessary to wrap bunches of flowers in fancy plastic or paper wrapping. When the stems of the flowers are obscured by the depth of the bucket, people do not really see too much of the fancy wrappings anyway. Let the beautiful petals and colors speak for themselves.

When somebody purchases a bunch of flowers from you, place the bunch in a plastic packet or thick paper bag. If using a thick paper bag, wrap some extra dry newspaper loosely around the wet newspaper at the bottom third of the stems. Later, you can use more attractive packets to put the flowers in.

Flower buyers will appreciate the damp newspaper around the flowers, as the dampness helps keep the flowers fresh while they travel home, or to their lucky loved one.

Get creative and make your own unique business cards that reflect the flowers you sell. Give a business card to each and every flower buyer.

You may not get too much business at first, but flea market visitors will start looking out for you if you keep selling your flowers at the flea market on a regular basis.

Be careful not to have too much fun with the money you make. Use some of the money to buy more flower seeds and expand your little home business. Also, if you don’t sell all your fresh flowers at the flea market, hang bunches of flowers upside down in your kitchen, and, once they have dried, sell bunches of dried flowers at your flea market stand too.

You can save money and expand the home business further by collecting dried seeds from the flowers you have not cut and sold, by replanting them. This means you will not have to keep buying new packets of flower seeds.

Once the business of making extra income from selling flowers is running smoothly, you may want to consider buying and using seed trays so that you can sell seedlings too.


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