Make Money With Your Pick Up Truck

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In South Africa a pick up truck is called a bakkie, pronounced bucky.

As long as your pick up truck is in fairly good condition, and you have a bit of money for gas (called petrol in South Africa,) you can advertise what you do, and earn some extra income. You might even be able to make a living from using your pickup truck.

What is that you can do with your pickup truck?

If you don’t live in a city where it rains virtually all the time, you can load quite a few grocery bags on the back of that pickup truck. Go grocery shopping for the neighbors or for anyone who needs you to. You can shop for more than one or two people at the same time.

As your grocery shopping business becomes more widely known, plan your trips so that you can cover particular neighborhoods on certain days. You can save gas that way, instead of having to drive your pick up truck all over the city in one day.

You can also use your pick up truck to collect and deliver small amounts of building sand and crushed stone. Many people would like to do some small building projects or alterations at their home, and they don’t need a large truck delivering huge amounts of building sand or crushed stone. Your pickup is what they need. You’ll need a shovel to offload the sand or stone. Keep fit while working by offloading the building material yourself, or hire somebody who needs some extra income to help you offload the building material.

A pick up truck is also perfect for removing garden refuse, or for loading up your lawnmower and weed eater as you drive from house to house moving lawns and trimming edges.

You can also help people move their goods when they’re moving house. Many youngsters don’t have a lot of furniture or household possessions when moving, and they do not need a large removal van.

A pick up truck would also be the best vehicle to have when thinking of selling homemade items at a flea market for extra income, or when buying items at an auction that you’re going to sell from home, or at a flea market. Perhaps you’re not interested in selling homemade items or aution items at a flea market, but you can still offer your pickup truck collection or delivery service to those who do want to use a flea market, but who don’t have a suitable vehicle to transport their goods.

Pickup trucks can work hard for their owners, if only their owners would let them.

If you’ve been complaining that you need money, or that you are struggling to find work, but you have a pickup truck, what are you waiting for? Your pickup truck will work harder than you will, but all it will get is the occasional wash. You get the money.


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