Tuesday, December 12

Reality of Working From Home

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Sure, depending on what you do from home, there’s the possibility of building an increasing monthly passive income, but how much time do you get to work at increasing passive income when you’re so busy with quicker jobs to bring in enough money just to survive?

It’s certainly great to watch a movie in the middle of the day just because you can, or run off to the school to support the kids, but all the while you’re thinking that while you’re not working, no money is being made.  It’s difficult to fully relax.

Should you go for that walk because you know you need it and it’s good for you, or should you get on with work?

Should you spend ages preparing a healthy meal or should you just grab a quick unhealthy snack or two, so you can get on with work?

How do you explain to friends, family, and the kids that working from home is not an open invitation to disturb you at any time they please?  If you were working elsewhere, for a boss, people you know generally say things like “Oh, we’ll ask her when she gets home from work.” Not so when they know you’re at home.

You feel bad when the school your kids attend ask you to assist with something and you say no, so you say yes and then you stay up late that night working, after you’ve assisted the kids with their homework.  You catch maybe three hours’ sleep before you need to get up to get the kids to school. You get back home wondering if you can fit in another two hours’ sleep, but two friends and your elderly parents remind you about somebody’s birthday in the afternoon and you have to go out and get a gift.  You get back and your parents call to ask you if you can please go out and get them a gift for the person too. Oh and they hope you’re staying at the party quite a while, because they need a lift home and don’t want to leave the party too early. You have to leave the party early to get the kids from their afternoon sport, but you say you’ll be back at the party to fetch them.  Your parents are finally ready to leave the party but your kids want to stay longer because they’ve only just arrived.

After homework as you’re tucking the kids into bed, one of them announces they’ve invited a friend over for the weekend and have promised the friend you’d take them all to a movie, and that the friend could tell his parents they’d be perfectly safe because you’d be watching the movie too.

You only needed to do 5 hours’ work tonight to catch up, but now that you’re going to the movies on the weekend, you put in an extra three hours’ work.

You’re run down, need to see a doctor and go away for a weekend, but there’s no money to see the doctor or go away for the weekend because you haven’t put in enough hours other than for paying monthly bills, eating and playing taxi.

Because you work from home, your friends think you’re great at what you do, and they often phone for advice when they’re spending 20 minutes on something similar just for fun.

On Fridays people you see say, “Enjoy your weekend!” Well, you might the following weekend, because the kids are at friends for the weekend, and you can get in a lot of work to try catch up, and not have to get up early to get the kids to school.  Oh hang on, that’s the weekend the kids have a sports game you promised to be at.

You finally catch up enough to sit and contemplate if you should get ahead by a few hours on a weekend, so that you can afford a doctor and a few items you’ve been wanting, or if you should take that break you’ve been wanting and go away for the weekend when the neighbours announce they’re going away for the weekend, and since you’re always at home you don’t mind feeding their animals while they’re away, do you?

The same people that disturb you while you work don’t understand why you can’t afford to go to the movies with them, or visit them at the weekend.

The reality of working from home is not all bad.  You want to support your children and be there for them, and you can.  You want to help when people need your help, and you can.  You’re tough and you fit in work whenever you can.  Even though it feels like you’re never doing enough work and never getting to take a decent break, you’re aware that your business is growing and that one day you’ll reap the rewards, so you hang in there. 

Working from home is what you want to do.  Even with all the disadvantages that go with it, people who work from home and don’t give up know that their effort will be worth it.  It makes sense.  Working for a boss you rarely get paid extra for putting in extra effort, but working for yourself you know that the more you put in, no matter how difficult it is to do, the more you get out.


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