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Golden Triangle-a dream destination

During the lunch hour, everyone was listening in rapt attention to the non-stop

monologue of a colleague who had just had the privilege of returning from Rajasthan

tours of India. John was going on non-stop, “I felt so regal and royal when the camel

started moving. The way in which animal moved its body shook me to the core, but

the whole experience of sitting on an animal so huge as camel and that too when

decorated with colourfully embroidered cloth adorning its back and then traversing

the unspoilt and undulating sand dunes that stretched as far as eyes could strain to

see was an experience of a lifetime”.

The manner in which he went about explaining his wonderful Rajasthan travel

experience, it was quite apparent that many in the office were fascinated by this

land of Maharajas, where life is so different from what they were used to. Munching

sandwich, Joane was lost in thought and ultimately muttered, “You know we are all

so engrossed in our lives that we never bother to explore how life may be for people

across the continents and even when we take a holiday it is always in areas we

know. I really appreciate John’s thought of going on a trip to Rajasthan in India as

the country has always fascinated me”. And before five of us could think more about

it, we were already in the process of planning for the trip by getting in touch with the

Travel agent who arranged it all for John.

“And boy, what an experience that was!” As it was their first time, they decided to

play it safe and went by the rule book to select the most popular destination –the

Golden Triangle, which most of the travel sites listed as one of the most visited

destination in India.

This tourist circuit was almost a week long trip and involved visiting the three most

visited cities of India- Delhi, Agra (including the Taj Mahal), and Jaipur. What greeted

them on this Rajasthan tours was the busy street life, which undoubtedly was more

of a cultural shock to them but as days passed by they got used to and at times even

enjoyed the hubbub. However what they enjoyed the most was the architectural

grandeur and destinations vibrant culture, which was a heady mix and classic

introduction to the country in a nutshell.

To their good luck, these three cities were also connected to each other by good

road and rail links and almost formed an equilateral triangle on a map. Their Travel

agent informed them that it was this triangle that has been dubbed as “golden” in

India package tours.

What this trip offered to them was the extraordinary wealth of cultural and historical

splendour. They realised that one could spend weeks in Delhi, the sprawling,

fascinating Indian capital, and yet not be able see it all. Whereas Jaipur, the capital

of the largely desert terrain of Rajasthan was more known for its vibrant culture.

While Agra, which was once the heart of the Mughal Empire was renowned for the

unparallel beauty of Taj Mahal. In fact Joanne was so besotted by Taj Mahal that

they had to extend the trip in the city by a day.

Interestingly seven days just flew by and when they finally joined office, it was not

just John, even Joanne group became the unofficial brand ambassador of a country

that had fascinated them so much. Any more takers?

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