How Alcohol Dependency Affects Family

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Alcohol dependency greatly affects families of addicts. There is no doubt about that fact. The family suffers financially and emotionally. Sometimes, there might even be social problems as other people may be insensible towards close relatives of alcoholics and other relatives may cease all contacts with them as well.

Financial impact of alcohol dependency on a family is vast. Alcoholic will stop at nothing to get the liquor. That is his/her priority. The fact that family needs food, clothing and other necessities is unimportant to them. Even the fact that they need these things does not usually matter. Alcohol comes first and often there is not enough money left for other things. This is especially true for families where one or more members are addicted to smoking or drugs as well. Nonetheless, the family budget is greatly affected.

Also, alcoholics often lose their jobs because of the habit. That decreases the available finances for the family even further. The other partner is often unable to earn enough money to support the family. In case both partners are alcoholic, children have to provide for themselves. It can be devastating to the family. Many families live in poverty solely because of alcoholism. Children do not get enough food, proper clothes and usually lack education too. Many of them grow up to become alcoholics themselves.

Another problem caused by alcohol dependency is that emotional bonds within family suffer a lot. Alcoholics are often abusive towards their mates and children. This can lead to emotional trauma in both children and their mothers/fathers. Such children are likely to become aggressors and drinkers when they grow up or even in their teen years. Partners of alcoholics may lose will to live, become alcoholics themselves, attempt suicide or even murder their partner. Nonetheless, alcohol dependency usually brings lots of negative emotion and experiences into family life.

Neighbors usually see alcoholics as nuisance. They will try to cease all contact with them. This precaution often includes the close family members of said alcoholics thus bestowing even more pressure upon those poor souls. This kind of behavior has great impact on those people. Just imagine that your kid cannot find anyone to play with just because other parents do not want their children to play with a child of an alcoholic. Another such situation is when nobody is willing to help you or be your friend just because your spouse is an alcoholic. Apart from these unpleasant circumstances, other family members may cease contact with you.

To conclude, there is no doubt that alcohol dependency negatively affects one’s family. Financial and emotional problems are the most notable ones. However, the family may also suffer because other people start perceiving them as nuisance thus greatly changing their behavior towards that family.


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