Classic Cvs Could be Replaced by The Video

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A picture is worth a thousand words! There is a reason that lead more young people to replace classical CVs – on paper, with the video. The advantage for those who seek a job? Is more likely to impress the employer. And the employer has won, too: the selection may be much faster.

Video resumes are recommended especially for those freely. They must have great care to details and to send a convincing message.

When you register, you must make sure you have impeccable attire. And very important: do not do a too long movie. Employer could lose interest.

While in many parts of the wolrd video resume is just getting started in the United States is already commonplace. Thousands of youth entries posted on the Internet more or less original.

129,000 Americans have created video resumes and successful have got employment. New research from career publisher Vault Inc found that 89% of American employers would watch a video résumé if it were submitted to them, although only 17% have seen one. More than half said they believe such CVs will become a common addition to future job applications.

Now the new strategy to promote global spreads rapidly because … image counts.

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