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While some people find writing is as simple and natural as breathing, just having good work doesn’t mean that it will be published, especially if you are unfamiliar with the publishing field. Some authors manage to find themselves agents to peddle their work for them to publishers, but there are many more independent authors and aspiring authors who hunt for publishers themselves.

One of the main reasons many authors choose to find their own publisher is to ensure themselves that all the possible steps to getting publsihed are being taken. An agent will only agree to represent your work for you if they think they can make a profit out their services, this is just how business goes. For all aspiring authors who strive to get their work published, there are a few things to learn about the publishing world to help get the best possible idea of how things work.

If you have the time, patience, and will to learn all there is to know about publishing, then find work at a publishing company would be the first step. If getting a job in a publshing company doesn’t work with your needs, perhaps an internship or volunteer work would do the trick. This will at least get your foot in the door of publishing and provide the information needed for future publications. This is also a wonderful opportunity to learn the top names in the publishing world and meeting key people who may help you further along the way. Inroduce yourself to them and try to learn all there is from each and every one of them. Once you learn about the main details of what kind of work is desired and the process involved to getting work submitted and approved, then you can customize your work to suite what is needed. If you are able to, write a piece of work that is better suited for one of the genres that are in high demand, since this will give you a greater chance of being selected, printed and promoted.

Just keep in mind the fact that the publishing industry has been known to change idealists to complete cynics in the end. If you do not want to become an insider and prefer to remain the optimist author, then keeping your presence light and airy is best. An industry insider manages to become an insider because they subscribe to the values and objectives of their industry. In publishing, like any other business, values and objectives mean profit.

It’s impossible for any writer to include heart in their work if all they think about is profit. Industry insiders in publishing were all once idealistic writers or book lovers themselves, but the relevance of profit has corrupted the attitudes of their youth.

Also like all businesses, all publishing companies would fall without profits, which is why publishers must make it a point to collect the works with the highest potential for profit. Although it’s not easy to get a publisher to publish your masterpiece, you just need to find that balance that makes you both a good writer and good sales person.


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