(Mac Users) Online a Lot? Then You Might Want to Upgrade Your Version of Osx…

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After working on a Mac G4 recently, I thought it would be a good tip to let users know that Macs aren’t as great at handling newer releases of software, once the Operating System (OS) version gets closer to being obsolete (in comparison to Microsoft’s OSes).

If you’re using OSX version 10.2 or 10.3, chances are you’re going to run into some trouble when trying to install/use newer applications.  Programs like Firefox 3.x, Safari 4.x, iPhoto 3.x, iTunes 8.x and even remote desktop software like TeamViewer are designed to run ONLY on more recent versions of OSX (10.4 and above).  The specific version I encountered was 10.2.8 with all possible updates from Apple.com.

That’s only scratching the surface.  What ends up happening for those who don’t want to upgrade is being forced to use outdated versions of applications (usually meaning less-secure or non-optimized), particularly browsers.  If you don’t use the internet, then you’re relatively safe, but the more you are online (exposed to potential threats), the greater your chances of disaster.  Granted, Macs are known for not having the virus problems that plague Windows machines, but using outdated browsers when surfing online is a lot like driving without your seatbelt on…risky.

(Original article appears in my KIPC TechBytes blog from November 10th, 2009 on www.kipcrepair.com).


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