Tuesday, December 12

Say no to Binging And Purging

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I got a very funny incident for you all. Few months back my aunt, my cousin and I went for a movie in the evening. As we all know movies without popcorn and snacks are incomplete. So following the same tradition we took three packets of popcorn, butter corn and a mini bucket of chicken strips. All set for the evening. We were all gleaming with excessive joy which comes out before you catch a flick and crossed our fingers that the movie doesn`t disappoint us lest all arrangements would be vain. So after a series of some local advertisements on face cream and computer service centre the movie loaded on the screen. The remaining experience is what I really didn`t imagine.

Within few minutes we were done with our food items. Apart from the popcorn packets my cousin and I just got few tidbits of the remaining stuff that we brought. Two of us were extremely disappointed. Our aunt just had the whole bucket and butter corn all by herself. She had no qualms about it. I wondered why she doesn`t share things with others. It is like if there is a plate full of some fries or snacks she will keep on taking unaware of the fact that there are others around and it is meant for all.

This kind of habit has become a compulsive problem with her and whether at home or restaurants or anywhere her binging doesn`t stop. She feels it is no big deal to eat her heart out. But there has to be a line drawn between your liking and your blind obsession. Our family members concluded that this kind of behavior is not at all ordinary. I mean being a foodie is one thing but overdoing that is uncalled for. Somehow we felt that this may classify as eating disorders.

Before things get out of hand we persuaded her to seek medical assistance. Infact it was a great fiasco that ensued when the news was broken to her that she has to be under treatment for eating. She thought we are acting crazy and excluding her. It took few days for her to come into terms with the problem that is plaguing her but unfortunately she is unaware. Thankfully our goodwill gesture was valued. At present she is undergoing binge eating disorder treatment in a residential eating disorder rehab and we received a call yesterday from people out there who confirmed that my aunt is showing signs of improvement. Indeed the hard work is paying off.


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