Even Your Credit Card Bills

True, money does not grown on tress. But handling and managing money sure

comes with its fair share of thorns.

Take loans, for instance. Or even your credit card bills. Are you running pillar

to post for paying EMIs and still missing the last date by a whisker? How best

can you manage and monitor your money? And most significantly, are your

expenses exceeding income?

You, like everyone else, would be waiting for pay day, no matter how well-to-

do you may be. But once the salary is in, everyone lives for the day, without

ever waiting to think of a secure nest egg. You may live like a king in the first

week and a prince the next, only to end up as a pauper the next two. Largely,

it is human nature to live in the present and never pause to think of the future.

Why is money most required in everyday lives and least thought about? Why

does money come in late and exit in no time at all? Why is that expensive

dinner more vital than saving 2k a night?

That is one too many why-s all of which come up with one elementary answer.

Today, no one, but no one, has the time or even the inclination for that

matter, to manage finances. No one pauses to prepare for the future. We live

in the current hunky-dory scenario, without sparing a moment for tomorrow.

Multiple accounts, various credit cards, innumerable loans and related EMIs,

how is it humanly possible to take care of it all, correct? Let us take a moment

and introduce you to something interesting.

Here is where Perfios would make perfect sense to you.

What is Perfios, you ask?

Well, Perfios is a one-stop portal that provides a complete view of your

financial health anytime and from anywhere at all. Perfios is a secure web-

based application that is also a first of its kind in India. With Perfios, you can

manage, monitor, analyze and even report your finances easily at one single

touch point.

Perfios helps you to analyze your income and expenses and understand where

you can make better savings. Perfios is where you can get all the financial

assistance you require. And yes, sign-up is free too!

Money sure can talk. But with Perfios you could make it scream with glee!

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