Human Activities And Climatic Change

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I do agree that the recent changes in climatic events are caused by the selfishness of human being. Though the importance of a balanced environment has been told a thousand times, but majority of the human are not paying attention to it as this is a field that doesn’t produce quick benefits in all 3 aspects, which is politics, economy and social. Human is being short sighted and they are not bothering of the long term benefits of maintaining a balanced environment. What they want is money in term of economics, power in term of politics and a living place in term of social. These are the causes of the selfishness, the force that has driven to the change in climatic events.

People are not bothering of the environment because they want to get hold of the irresistible attraction, money. In ancient time, human used the barter system, a system that is based on item exchange and as time passes by, they started to use coin, which is made from metal. By the time the Chinese invented paper, it is used as the new form of currency as it is light and can be carried easily. Human has been greedy and we always go for what we want in life. Our desires are always tried to be fulfill and most of the time, it is related to money because everything is money in our society. In order to get hold of the amount of money they want, they would do whatever they can because greed had overcome their body. Some examples of such situation are illegal deforestation, where trees are being chopped down at an uncontrollable manner due to the extreme price of lumber. Besides that, factory owner are not treating their sewage before expelling them to either river or air because the cost of treating those toxic is extremely high.

On top of that, the forest is cleared to build up more living space to satisfy human population growth. In the year 2010, there are about 6.89 billion human in our world. That’s approximately 10 times the population number of human on Earth 300 years ago! The tremendous growth of human being has causes every one of us live in a heavily packed society, thus more land are needed to accommodate this growth. Do we have to live in a stuffy place? This is the question that everyone thinks of, but does one thinks from the same perspective for the animals? Animals do need sufficient space to live too! It is the selfishness of human to live in a comfortable place that grabs and robs the environment from other living organisms on Earth.

Human hunger of power is another factor that leads to the change in climatic event. With sufficient power in hand, one is able to change the world and one is able to rule the world. In the past, British ruled our land because they are more powerful than us and now our world is guided by superpowers because they are powerful. That is why human seeks power with all their effort, ignoring everything around it, including the environment. Human are exploring new lands in the 18th century to widen their territory. Human are clearing forest to build military bases. Human are digging the land for radioactive substances to get hold of the destructive nuclear weapon and all these efforts are being done for power.

In conclusion, it is the selfishness of human being that leads to the change in climatic events. The non-stop human desire for money, comfort and power is the main cause of the selfishness and they had created an inhumane society within our planet, Earth. Therefore, human must be educated to control their desires so that we can protect our environment, which is the place where human live in from the past, to now and the future.


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