Home Remedies to Deal With Hair Loss

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Hair loss and baldness are the hair related problems faced by many people these days. If this problem is not treated at the initial stage, then it could end up in total baldness. With the help of the below mentioned tips, hair loss could be stopped and baldness could be avoided. If you intend to take some hair loss advice, you could always visit an expert before proceeding with home remedies.

Hair loss is an issue of great concern as there are many people who suffer from this problem. Loss of hair could occur due to several reasons. One of the primary factors responsible for this is improper hair care. Use of wrong hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner could lead to hair loss. Too much exposure of the hair to heat affects the health of the hair and contributes to its loss.

Women widely make use of hair styling equipments such as curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer to style their hair. The heat that is generated from these equipments deteriorates the health of the hair and results in loss of hair. Hair loss could also occur due to exposure of hair to chemicals. Treatments such as coloring of hair and hair perming involve the use of chemicals which results in its loss.

It’s very important to take proper care of your hair in order to avoid this problem. Using saw palmetto is one of the most effective home remedies to deal with hair loss. Saw palmetto is a very efficient herb and helps in promoting hair growth in a wonderful manner. Excessive production of the DHT hormone in the human body leads to hair loss.

Saw palmetto acts as a very efficient DHT blocker, thus helping to limit hair loss and promote its growth. You need to consume around 1550mg of saw palmetto daily for effective results. Other than the above mentioned home remedy to deal with loss of hair, you must take proper care of your hair by using suitable shampoo and conditioner as per your hair type.

You can avoid hair loss if you stick to the above points strictly. Medical advice is preferable as a second opinion if you are in two minds.


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