Tuesday, December 12

What Will Happen if There is no Cencorship in Media?

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Media is a method of conveying messages from one place to another, or from one person to another person. Media is the tool for communication and it is widely used in our daily life, from the past to the present. In the past few decades, we got the leather puppet show, and now we got 3-Dimensional movies where the image is captured as though it is flying out of the screen. Though the usage of media has tremendous positive effects in our daily life, but we have to be careful while utilizing it so that it would not go beyond our control. This is why censorship in media is important, as it is one of the most important factors that could shape our society and the world.

First of all, censorship in media could prevent extreme violence in the society. There are a number of irresponsible ‘media experts’, who shot movies or any other form of media without thinking of the effect of its explicit content. Scenes of a person losing his or her head, a person being brutally murdered and gang fights are the examples of the explicit content mentioned. When our people are exposed to such content, it has a high risk of their mind being corrupted with it. By the time they lost their self rationality, which could be caused by a number of factors such as anger, they would think of what they have seen in the media and act as though it is ok to do it. A simple example for such incident happens in the life a child, who shot his family with his father gun after watching a police and robbers movie, thinking that he was actually playing. As the result of this tragedy, all his family is dead and he became an orphan. By eliminating such contents through censorship, such tragedy would not happen and violence in the society could be reduced.

Besides that, censorship could also be used as a preventive tool of pervertism in the society. Adult video has been made to satisfy human sex appeal and it is easily accessible through the breakthrough in the field of communication. In fact, human of all age can easily download or stream these videos in the World Wide Web, a place where tones of such videos could be found. However, men or women who watch such videos to feed their sex desire are at the risk of becoming perverts. Watching videos alone is not an efficient solution for their problem as they are going to be immune to these 2 Dimensional video as time passes by. By the time these videos couldn’t suppress their growing desire, they are going to find an alternative pathway to do it. If our society is lucky, a loving couple would be bore in this situation when he or she gets a partner. However, some of these sadistic souls might act the other way round. They might learn actions such as raping, fondling and molesting the other sex from the media and carry them out. As a result, a society of perverts has been born and it is born because of media.

On top of that, promoting unity among our people is another function of media. Every people on Earth are exposed to media, thus making it one of the most powerful tools that shape our society.  On one hand, movies, series and advertisement that show unity should be broadcast in all form, in order for every people to see and feel them where else on the another hand, any shows that is racism should be removed from being broadcasted. A lie that has been told a hundred times would become a truth. Thus, it is important to censor all the media in the nation so that the ‘lies’ that lies within the media could be removed. When such lies are not found in our society, our people will definitely live a peaceful life with strong unity among ourselves.

In conclusion, media must be censored for the well being of our people and our nation. Media has indeed brought many positive effects to us, but we must always beware of the other side of it. Violence, pervertism must be eliminated from the society, while unity must be strengthen. As a Malaysian, I am sure that every one of us would not want to see our nation falls from its legacy. An unhealthy media is the reason why a powerful nation is being disgraced. Therefore, I would once again highlight the importance of censorship in media in building a healthy and strong country, which is Malaysia.


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