What is 1 Student 1 Sport Policy And How it Works?

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“Don’t hang around with those friends!” said a parent to her son. In fact, I believe that all the parents do love their child and they are doing so, to protect the child from dangers that lurks around the society today. They are fear that their child would smoke, befriends someone bad or does anything else that is going to harm their child. In order to curb the increasing social ills among students, the government has come out with a new concept for the nation called “1 Student 1 Sport”.  I do agree that the implementation of this concept is a wise move as I can only see the benefits of this concept. Students are going to be benefited through this problem in a wide variety of aspects and I do believe that parents are going to get a good sleep from now onward.

The implementation of 1 Student 1 Sport is going to make our student healthier. Studies show that lack of exercise is the main cause of the declining alertness among students. When our students are not alert, they would not be able to perform well in their studies. Though this has been told to the public in many forms including fairy tales and idioms such as “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, but people are not paying much attention to it. They think that sports are a waste of time because it does not carry any knowledge that could be used in the exam. They have lost their will to participate in sports because it is not an important aspect in the exam orientated education system before this. However, students must always remember that a healthy body and a fresh mind are the main factors that lead to a good result in education. Exercise could reduce the amount of low density cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the body and eventually it will lead to a better blood circulatory system.  When our brain got a steady and sufficient amount of oxygen, which is transported through the blood circulatory system, they are going to be able to think properly and thus, excel in studies.

Besides that, I believe this concept can help us to nurture more all rounded students, who excel in all aspects including academics and curricular. The importance of all rounded students has been highlighted by the Singapore Minister of Education and Second Minister of Defense, Dr. Ng Eng Hen at the National Institute of Singapore Teachers’ Investiture Ceremony held in Nanyang Technological University. As we look into our education system, students are assessed based on academics and curricular is ignored most of the time. Therefore, students tend to memorise the whole book instead of understanding it in order to pass the exam with flying colour, because they know that it is the symbol of glory and fame being named as the top students. The product of our education system is students who are only good at memorizing facts, but how are they going to lead and transform our nation into a develop country? Without skills such as leadership which could be honed through sports but not academic books, our country is not going to go far from what we are now. Students have to be exposed to being a leader in order for them to learn the skills and this can definitely be done through sports in school because they can be the leaders among students in the sport team.

On top of that, the concept can also strengthen the sense of unity and cooperation among our people. Education does not only lie on academics but also self improvement. Thus learning the meaning of unity is part of the learning process that all students must go through. Students are able to play and work together through sports because teamwork is the most important and crucial factor that leads to a victory, the ultimate prize of all sports. Everyone loves to win and the force that manipulates this feeling is going to push us to move forward. When we want to win, we are going to do whatever it takes and we are not going to care with whom we work with. Thus, unity can be achieved because every one of us has the same goal, which is winning the game. As time passes by, we would be able to know our teammates better, thus eliminating the bad impression caused by skin colour or anything else.

In conclusion, I do agree that the concept of 1 Student 1 Sport is good to be implemented in our education system as it could create a healthier group of students, nurture all rounded students and promote unity among all Malaysian. Though the process may be tiring and the result can only be seen after a long period of time, but I know that the benefits are going to be enjoyed in the future. Thus, I hope that the concept could be used throughout the time, with improvement being made from time to time so that our nation could enjoy the maximum benefits of it.


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