Can Sex Education Really Solve The Problem?

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It is an undeniable fact that the number of children involved in sexual activities has increased throughout the year, though many party still do not admit the truth that it is happening now. According to a newspaper article in The Star dated 11 July 2010, young people now are more open and they are not shy about sex anymore. In Petaling Jaya, a group of secondary girls even had a competition to find out who has the most sexual experience and it turn out to be a 13 years old girl, who apparently had 30 sexual partners! This isn’t a phenomenon, which we hope to see in our society today and I do think that sex education can help to solve this matter.

In my point of view, sex education can reduce children curiosity on sex. Many people have a misconception that education only refers to reading with the book, but in fact education refers to any form of studies that could lead to self improvement and it includes studying from books, studying from the environment and studying from the people. By implementing sex education in our education system, the children would be able to study of their own genital and sex. Studies show that most of the teen sex happens when the teenagers involved are curious of sex. This is due to the old fashioned mind of our people, who had made sex a taboo in society, a topic not to be discussed. Hence, this is why sex education comes into action. By the time they have familiarized themselves with it by learning and listening to it, these children would lose their curiosity in this matter and eventually they won’t have the urge to try out sex for fun.

Besides that, sex education can also teach our children about the dangers that surround underage and pre-marital sex. I dare to say that most of our children in Malaysia are not concern about the dangers because they don’t really understand it. They think that it is hard to get Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). One of the scariest STD in our society today is Acquired Immune Deficient Syndrome (AIDS). Today, 0.5% of Malaysia population is living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and more than 5000 people have died of AIDS in the year 2009. The use of preventive tool such as condom is indeed proven to be able to reduce the risk of being infected with such disease, but it does not guarantee success. If we want to ensure 100% safe, we should try to have only 1 sexual partner in life, who should be your wife or husband. Remember, AIDS is an incurable disease and it will lead to doom whenever you are infected. Understanding all the risk of sex can deter us from having sex with multiple partners and this could be done through sex education.

On top of that, children can learn to say ‘no to sex’ with some education. They can learn to reject his or her beloved request for sex, if he or she is not ready yet, without ruining their relationships. Through a comprehensive sex education, they could realise the ways to build a healthy relationships with their partner. As a basic knowledge for everyone, sex isn’t a must in maintaining a relationship in life before marriage, but many people do not think of this. They think that they must be willing to give or take virginity from the other party in order to tie a strong knot in their relationships. With proper sex education, they would change their mind and problems that arise from underage sex could be curbed.

            In conclusion, I do think that sex education is a remedy to this detrimental social ill, underage sex. Parents are living in fear and sleep with tears, worrying that their children are going to do something they shouldn’t do. If they are willing to give proper sex education to their children, instead of making it a taboo in the family, they would not have to worry of this. Therefore, sex education should be implemented in the near future as the increasing number of young children involving in sexual activities has raised the concern of many parties. We shouldn’t back off from facing this phenomenon as curing it, is the only way to save our world from social destruction.


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