Compulsive Exercises May Yield Negative Results

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There can be no doubt that you must do some regular physical exercise to make your body move and allow some good breathing. Compulsive exercises such as forcing to do too much exercise may have only negative results.

What is compulsive exercise?

It is a kind of addiction. It is a forcing against one’s ability and will. Just like an alcoholic, whose life is revolved around alcohol, compulsive exerciser’s life revolves around monotonous and forced exercise. Instead of doing exercise for living a compulsive exerciser spends his life for exercise. Exercise takes over such a person’s life.

Ten characters and consequences of a compulsive exerciser

1) The compulsive exerciser attends more than one gym and works out for many hours, even neglecting his family life and normal activities.

2) Instead of doing exercise for fitness, he spends his life for exercise-sake. He takes exercise so seriously that missing it would evoke guilt in him. This person often feels inwardly that he compels himself to exercise.

3) Compulsive exercisers prefer not to skip workout even if they are extremely tired and sick. They boast themselves of their exercise behavior.

4) They regard that their self-worth depends on the number of exercise sessions they complete and their efforts they put on these exercises.

5) Young women are likely to exercise compulsively in order to achieve a better body image. This attitude can technically be called ‘anorexia athletica’ just like the eating disorder of overeating is called ‘anorexia nervosa’.

6) Generally, this compulsive exercise attitude begins in childhood itself, pressured by peers, coaches or parents who force athletic performance on their children.

7) Children who would like to stave off scolding or failure end up in forcing themselves ‘doing it once more’.

8) Children who exercise compulsively end up with their hormones in disarray. This affects their normal growth, especially adolescent girls passing through the beginning of menstruation stage. These children increase the risk of premature osteoporosis.

9) Too much exercises damage the parts of the body and normal health. Chances are there to damage tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage and joints. Since these children do not pay proper attention to their nutrition, their body easily becomes the victim of compulsive exercise.

10) The compulsive exercisers become ‘Exercise junkies’ who cannot have normal health or normal growth.  


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