What Can be Done to Cope if You Have a Naughty Child

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Juvenile delinquency is on the rise, and the people only know how to point their fingers to the parents. But does the burden lies only on the shoulder of the parents? The answer is definitely no, as every one of us is responsible in this matter.

Parents do play an important role in this matter and they should shower their children with care and blessings. Parents should remember that a child is a gift from our beloved God and he or she is their treasure. Parents must carry out their duty as parents by spending more time with their children.In fact, a simple conversation with their child everyday would enable them to have a better understanding of their child. When parents are able to meet their child needs in a positive manner, the child would not retaliate. A child, who loves his or her parents, is not going to do anything that would hurt his or her parents’ heart. By instilling a strong feeling of love between children and parents, juvenile delinquency should not pose as a threat to our nation.

Besides, teachers do play an important role to curb the rise of juvenile delinquency. Teachers are the people who are there to educate our future leaders, the children. They should show a good example to the children in order for them to follow. One of the reasons for the rise of juvenile delinquency is the inappropriate action of the educators, our teachers.Recently, we can easily find reports in the newspaper that a teacher did crimes, which include sexual harassment, torture and sparking sensitive issues in public. What comes to their pupils’ mentality is “They can do it, why not me?” If this prolongs, our nation is going to fall! Thus, a teacher should always show a good example to their students’ as our young leaders are still naïve and they are going to follow whatever they see with their own eyes.

On top of that, religion must instill moral values to our young and brilliant people. Even though we are living in a hectic and materialistic world, we should always remember that a strong moral value in life is vital in building our nation as well as the world. All religion in the world is teaching us to be a good and they are the fundamental key to happiness. If a young child is exposed to a proper religion teaching, he or she is going to have a strong moral value in him or herself. By doing so, he or she would be able to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. When the time comes to make decision on an action, he or she would be able to choose the correct path to take. With a strong belief in religion and its moral values, juvenile delinquency is not a problem to our world.

The government should also create a healthy environment for our young child to grow in. A proper environment is essential in building up a person character and this includes our child. A peaceful and harmony nation is needed by our child to grow and this could be achieved if our government stops all sensitive issues that are happening around us. A child who was exposed to these issues have a high risk of involving in illegal organizations as he or she would think that it is the only way to protect his or her own rights.I am sure that the government would not want to see another incident of 13th May 1969 happens today. By creating a fair and upholding justice in our nation, a healthy environment is going to be born. In other words, juvenile delinquency will not be a major problem in our nation anymore as our young child has a safe feeling in him or herself. As the result, they would not join any illegal organization, which is said to be able to keep them safe.

In conclusion, the rise in juvenile delinquency does not lie on the parents only, but it is the responsible of everyone in the world. We can’t deny the facts of the importance of parents in this matter, but every factor which leads to this matter is important. As a responsible citizen of our beloved nation, we must take up this responsible in nurturing well developed youngsters, who is strong physically and mentally.


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