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Why Internet Marketers Really Should Write A Blog

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It is a basic enough dilemma. Many of us ask ourselves the ‘why’ in lots of issues in everyday life, do we not? But yet this is not a ‘gravity weight-save the world’ concern. It’s just deciding if operating a blog is actually essential for your internet pursuits.

And So I will get right to the point: If you are planning to start any kind of enterprise/marketing/writing on line, it’s not just a wise decision for you to start a blog but in my opinion it’s a neccessity.

‘Exactly why do i need to blog? I sell stuff online.’

A training customer of mine explained one day, “I don’t need to have a blog…I have an ecommerce store. I market stuff. Absolutely no one needs to listen to me talk.”

Seriously, they do. And in actual fact, your customers do not wish to hear you discuss your products or services, they have to listen to you talk about your products. They have to listen to you talk to them about your products!

I am aware it’s ‘about the customer’ but this goes a little bit deeper. A weblog belonging to your own e-commerce web site will provide your web business a far more ‘conversational’ tone whereby dialogue and interaction can take place between you and the customer. Do Not ignore the effectiveness of this strategy! There is simply no bigger instance of this in action than They utilize numerous blogs in their website. If you ‘sell stuff’, you’ll want to also.

Why should I Start a Blog? I have a Facebook (or any other social media related) Page

There is no doubting the authority in Facebook as well as how massive it is now. It’s nothing short of extraordinary. Include the truth that they are still expanding at a fantastic rate and it’s a no-brainer that we ought to have a existence there if we’re going to be serious with regards to our internet motivations.

The problem lies simply in that you do not OWN Your Content. Think about it. In case Facebook decides they do not like your webpage or maybe are just basically in a poor mood they are able to shut you down. That’s termed renting, not owning. Owners will be productive on the internet, not renters.

It’s acceptable (and even advisable) that an individual have a Facebook page but you would be wise to house your content initially on your own weblog. And because of the tools in place now, it is possible to attach your blog site together with your FB page and utilize the effectiveness in both.

[A quick hint relating to your blog and Facebook: When you first distribute your content, ensure that the articles from your blog gets listed in search engines like google initially in advance of allowing the same content show up on Facebook.]

Why Should I Start A Blog If I Have A Free One Already On Google’s Blogger?

‘Why web log if i have a free one already?’ I actually get asked this a great deal. You should generally consider the previous explanation previously mentioned. Once again, these services own your content. They decide to shut your profile down? Goodbye blog posts. You will also be extremely limited as to what you can do design-wise.

Just in case you might be griping due to the fact you don’t desire to devote some cash in starting your own blog, then I suppose we could conclude that you are not too seriously interested in your web presence. That’s okay. Just do not expect to produce a successful business from the ‘free renter model’.

Running A Blog Will Help Your Search Engine Positions

Blogs tend to be adored by the search engines. Good blog systems ( being the most effective hands down) are generally set up so that they are listed more quickly (usually) compared to a static website and have ‘ping’ components so that they notify the search engines each time a brand new post is published.

And if you have a ‘regular’ site such as a product-centered e-commerce website then you’ll want to hyperlink your blog to that website. The up to date content from a blog will help the rankings on your ecommerce site.

I do believe you can now see the advantages when you ask ‘Why Blog’? Now you know the ‘why’.

Kenneth Holland is a blogger, rocker and lover of food and cuisine who helps businesses and organizations and people develop a strong internet brand via Blogging, List Building, Social Media and to answer the question, Why Blog? For people who would like to get started Blogging online and have a Social Media presence visit his website by clicking on this link: How To Set Up Blogs.


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