Solve Your Perfectionist Problem to Make Money on The Internet

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One of many reasons why we are hardly to make money on the internet is worry too much. Every time we see a new opportunity, we often think about “is it true? The cost is expensive, and if it is not true, I will waste my money, waste my time …”

Everybody has this kind of disease called perfectionist, of course in a different level. They analyze too much, they always say “I know this opportunity to make money on the internet, it won’t work!”, but there is no action at all, they say that they should compare with other more opportunities to make the right decision. Yes, but the results are always the same, even they do actions, they don’t go anywhere because of they are afraid they will lose something or fail.

Ok, you stop there, now I am going to tell you about my real story on how to make money on the internet by solving my perfectionist problem. After I solved my perfectionist problem, I tried to analyze the opportunity in a proper way (not too much information and not too much time to spend), I made a decision (limit my time) to take the opportunity by spending few bucks (I got only $15.9 in my Paypal account but I bought that opportunity for $12).

I did some actions, I learnt the guide on how to make money on the internet, at the beginning I was so excited about the idea but when I clicked one of their recommended links, guess what, it was a broken link. The company of the site was for sale. The opportunity was not working anymore. I failed.

You are probably glad that you didn’t buy that opportunity and said to me “I told you to be more careful! Now you lose your money right?” My answer is “Yes, you are right, I lose my money but wait, this not the end of the story”

You need to realize that I collected that $15.9 with blood and tears (well, I am not a killer, it is only an expression). And buying that opportunity was my first transaction online. I had so many failures to make money on the internet in the past. Can you imagine how I felt at that moment? Maybe you guess “do you want to kill someone to take your $12 back?”

Maybe, but no, that’s kidding and to make it short, I finally had a new Idea based on their idea on how to make $120 in less than 3 days. Wow amazing, I never get that idea if I don’t buy that opportunity and fail (That is the fact that you should remember). So, my failure was my doorway to my next higher level of success in life and now I have a higher confidence level to take more risk to make money on the internet. Of course now I am happy because my $12 is not only gone but it is a good investment.  

Interested in my idea? Keep on reading my articles (especially about paying the price to make money on the internet) and soon you will find out how it works.


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