Monday, December 18

Treatment of Schizophrenia Patients

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In the treatment of patients with schizophrenia, the role of the family is very important especially for patients who undergo treatment at home. Because the family is a place of comfort and as a means of supporting patients to achieve cure.

The importance of the role of families in the care of mental patients have, among other reasons:
1. The family is the place to start individual interpersonal relationships with their environment, because environment is a major educational institution for individuals to learn and develop values, beliefs, attitudes and behavior.
2. The family is a system, so that disruption occurs in one family member can affect the entire system. Instead the family dysfunction is one of the causes of the disorder in family members.
3. Mental hospital, not a place for life schizophrenic patients, but the only facility that helps patients and families develop skills to prevent problems and maintain a more stable state.
4. One of the factors causing an increasingly severe mental disorders are a family who could not handle the behavior of mental patients at home.

The role of the family of schizophrenic patients are:
1) Meeting the psychological needs and communication, including time for discussion with the patient communication conducted honestly and openly, using polite language, do not use harsh words, to hear what was said about the hallucinations of patients, discussed the experience of hallucinations, the patient and find a way out.
2) Handling the environment which include: reducing and eliminating the stimulus hallucinations of patients, investigating the cause of stimulus hallucinations of patients and provide a safe environment.
3) Meeting the daily needs and treatment of patients include: providing nutrition, elimination and adequate rest for the patient, assist the fulfillment of basic needs and self-care activities, facilitating patient participation in treatment programs, oversee treatment programs, check the supply of drugs and know the patient’s progress .


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